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IAP 215/315: Only one dhcp relay possible?

Hi there,

We have an issue with Aruba Instant where we can't rely on an external dhcp server or relay and an internal one is not desired. I tried to use the "centralized" approach and configured two relays to the same two corp dhcp server. The first one is no problem and it correctly relays addresses. As soon as you enter a second one, I get the error "Error here. no dhcp-relay configured yet"

I can switch the order of relays but the second one always gets that error, so it seems that only one relay is allowed. Why is that? Is it a bug, by design? Seems quite odd to me because other network devices like firewalls and switched have no problem with that, but are unfortunately no option here.

The output of "show dhcp config" shows the second one entered as "...relay = off" and "....Relay Servers =" although it was clearly entered correctly. 2017-09-10 - PuTTY.jpg



P.S.: Running currently


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