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IAP-215-RW and IAP-215-US

I currently have a wireless access point (IAP-215-US) using the instant virtual controller.   Is there any issue with adding an IAP-215-RW to form a cluster, and allow for roaming between the two.


I cant seem to find the difference between the two.



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Re: IAP-215-RW and IAP-215-US

There are regulatory differences between those two APS.  You cannot form a cluster between them, unfortunately.  The software will stop you from forming a cluster due to regulatory restrictions.

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Re: IAP-215-RW and IAP-215-US

Hey, is there a reason why you would want to do this? The IAP's are restricted to a regulatory domain for a reason.

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Re: IAP-215-RW and IAP-215-US

Just trying to add an AP, and want to make sure i get the right one.   I have access to an RW version of the device, but dont want to go down that road unless it is going to work....  and it isn't.  


Thanks for the quick response.

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