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Re: IAP 215 - Slow Download, Fast Upload speed

If at any point you feel like you are not getting anywhere with TAC, you can ask to have the case escalated.  In all fairness, when problems are brought to TAC, they have to figure out how to completely replicate your environment to theirs to even have a clue what is wrong.  There are many combinations of ways to break things; some that have been observed, and others that have never been observed.  You mentioned that you have sites that do not have your issue.  Try to figure out if there are any differences and bring that to TAC's attention, if possible.

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Re: IAP 215 - Slow Download, Fast Upload speed

I haven't got around to calling TAC yet, however we had a no school day due to weather the other day and decided to do a few more speed tests and guess what...the speeds were what I would expect!  So we have this location and another school on the same private VLAN provided by our local PUD.  Decided to start working at the location in question and started adding devices to the wireless to see when it would start to choke.  Opened a Chromebook or 2.  Same, good speed.  Opened a Windows laptop and boom.  The speeds died down.  Looked at the task manager of the laptop and Windows updates were happening and were hogging a TON of bandwidth.  My guess is that if ANY device jumps onto this private VLAN and starts downloading Windows updates on that IAP cluster it just causes congestion and VERY poor speeds.  What is the suggest method to mitigating this?  We use a WSUS server but that is at a remote location from these (2) sites on the PUD VLAN.  I have disable WUDO via GPO on our windows domain clients (including laptops) but I have not throttle BITS via GPO which might be a thought.  I would prefer to do this through the wireless but I don't want to throttle other traffic per se.   Let me know how you would suggest tackling this.  Thanks again for all your help and putting up with me.  There are just so many variables that are tough to eliminate but luckily we had a snow day!

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Re: IAP 215 - Slow Download, Fast Upload speed

I should also mention that I have AirWave so that might be a piece to the puzzle of solving QoS when it comes to Windows Updates?

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Re: IAP 215 - Slow Download, Fast Upload speed

I had a similar problem and solved it by unchecking "legacy only" in RF settings/ radio

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