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IAP-215 resets with being commanded to



I've been having an issue with my IAP-215.  I'm getting periodic reboots happening that I can't really explain.


I have the IAP-215 connect directly to a host PC (no controller) with power over ethernet to create a small WLAN (no internet connection required).


Every so often, I see the AP rebooting without being commanded to or without any sort of power cycle.


The errors I've seen so far are:

AP rebooted Thu Jan 1 02:14:25 UTC 1970; Gateway unreachable




AP rebooted Thu Jan 1 13:01:47 UTC 1970; Current uplink down, no useable uplink


Any thoughts or ideas on both issues?

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Re: IAP-215 resets with being commanded to

That is a non-standard so I am not sure if anyone can comment in that...

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Re: IAP-215 resets with being commanded to

Can you describe what is connected to the IAP's en0 port? Is it a router, a switch, or some other device? How is the default gateway of the IAP connected to the IAP? Through a direct Ethernet cable or through a set of wired switches?

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Re: IAP-215 resets with being commanded to

I figured some of those probably wouldn't be possible:


How about the AP logs itself:






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