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IAP 225 DHCP Issue



We have 2 IAP 225's for our office - the first one was setup with no issue and has been working fine.  When we power on the second IAP to be joined as active/active slave any clients that connect to this 2nd IAP do not get DHCP addresses.


The 2nd IAP shows up in the virtual controller and the master/slave election process appears to work correctly - wireless clients will show up but with 169.x.x.x APIPA addresses and have no network connectivity.  We want the IAP's to be active/active failover so they are both wired into the same vlan - if the 2nd IAP is not wired then everything works but this would not be active/active since the 2nd IAP would not have any wired connection to the rest of the network in case of failure on the 1st IAP.


IAP virtual controller is handling DHCP, there are 3 networks each with their own vlan.  IAP's are currently on version - I have tested this with a 3rd IAP that we have and exactly the same thing happens which makes me think this must be a configuration error somewhere in how we have these setup.


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks 

Re: IAP 225 DHCP Issue

Is the slave IAP switchport configured as a trunk port?

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Re: IAP 225 DHCP Issue

Hi Michael,


The switch port is not set as trunk because we are not using vlan tagging on the network (vlans are just for network separation).



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Re: IAP 225 DHCP Issue

All Network-Assigned SSIDs require each AP to have the vlan trunked to that AP.

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Re: IAP 225 DHCP Issue

Thanks! That worked - I set trunking on both ports on the switch that the IAP's are connected to and added the vlan id's from the SSID networks we had created in the virtual controller.

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