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IAP 225 + IAP275 bad connections



I have in my home  IAP 225 and for outside a IAP275.

My problem is that i have a bad connection, i have pings (they seem to come in waves) ranging from 2ms to 400+ ms (and timeouts) towards the internet. The same pings show when i try to ping my ap's


Even when im sitting outside directly under the IAP275 in line of sight (2 meters) i still have the same bad connection. I have some interference on the 2,4 band, but i dont have that on the 5 band which is showing the same issue...


In my home i have other "wireless" products:

Philips HUE


Honeywell Evo Home

Gigaset wireless phones


I have no idea were to start to get this solved..

I hope you have :(




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Re: IAP 225 + IAP275 bad connections

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