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IAP-315 STP Blocked



I have a cluster of 5 IAP-315, they are connected to a stack of 6 SGE2000P (small business) Cisco switch. For some reason the STP on the switch keeps blocking 2 of the IAP but not at the same time, one will work then get blocked and the other will work, then the cycle starts again. The remaining 3 IAP work normally. STP on the IAP is off and extended ssid is enabled. I have tried moving the IAP around different switches, but the same thing keeps happening. I also disabled STP & enabled port fast on the port the problem AP is at, it flooded the network. I have resstored the firmware on all IAP but no luck so far. Network guy says there could be a loop in the network, but isn't that what STP is for. I connected all the IAP's in a different network and had no issues, this network has a single catalyst switch with no STP. I am fustrated!

Curent network:

2 Cisco SG500 54 port switches (no POE)

6 Cisco SGE2000P 24 port switches with POE, Stacked.

Re: IAP-315 STP Blocked

Do you need Mesh on the IAPs? If not, turn off extended SSID. What might happen is that when one of the IAPs thinks it is isolated (can be through STP), it sets up a mesh link and create a loop in that way. Have never seen that before, but from your description that could be what is happening.


Further, in case of L2 loops it makes sense to capture packets or check logs on all devices to find what device is where causing the issue.


Aruba Support, or your partner, may be able to help you with troubleshooting.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: IAP-315 STP Blocked

Herman, Aruba TAC had said that turning off extended ssid is to create a mesh. We have a cluster, therefore extended ssid must be on. 

I took the IAP's from the switch and connected them directly to my gateway (ASA), is working properly, no issues. I am thinking a faulty switch on my stack or maybe STP settings need to be revisited. 

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Re: IAP-315 STP Blocked

I am also having this issue. MSTP on Aruba 2930F and 2530 connected directly to IAP-305 (unknown version) and IAP-345 ( and STP blocks on all IAP interfaces. Did you ever find a solution without moving off the ASA?

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