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IAP 315 / vc not showing mobile website

Hi Airheads,

I've been breaking my brain over the following issue. I have 2 IAP-315 in my network, and all is working well, however; when I try to access the virtual controller from my phone; either through or directly through IP address, I get the desktop version of the site:


My colleague, who has a similar setup (but with different IAP's) gets the mobile website:


I've downgraded and re-upgraded the firmware, just to make sure there was no issue there, and I'm currently running the latest version:


Am I the only one facing this issue? Am I missing something in my config?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: IAP 315 / vc not showing mobile website

hi aardvark,


The website your colleague is getting, was introduced to the IAP's with ArubaOS version 8.4. You are running on 8.3. I would recommend upgrading the IAP's to 8.5 if you really need this new GUI. If everything works well, stay with 8.3. 

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Re: IAP 315 / vc not showing mobile website

Ha! That makes complete sense. I'll go kick him until he tells me where he found the 8.5, since the support website doesn't go further than 8.3. Thanks a million!

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