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IAP-325-US login problem

I have a brand new IAP-325-US AP at a remote site that will not accept the default login credentials admin/admin on the GUI, but it does accept them via an SSH session.  When I get connected I get the following:


Warning: CLI module is running in a degraded state. Configuration, write memory, and support command are disabled; please debug with caution.



Current code version is ArubaOS (MODEL: 325), Version  I thought I would try to upgrade the code via the CLI thinking it might be a bug, but for the life of me I can't figure out the syntax for the upgrade-image command.  I want to upgrade to ArubaInstant_Hercules_6.4.4.8- using my FTP server @ and user ftpuser.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: IAP-325-US login problem

Is that the first IAP you installed at that site, or do you have an existing cluster you adding this IAP to...?

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Re: IAP-325-US login problem

This is the 1st AP for the cluster.  Unfortunately I don't have console access to it from here, only SSH at this time.

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