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IAP-325 and Green Mountain Grill

Pretty sure this is a new one for most of you. I have a IAP-325 with the latest firmware and a Green Mountain Grill that has Wifi capabilities. This setup was previously a Ubiquiti UAP-AC v2 and the grill worked fine. Upgraded to the IAP-325 and the grill will connect to the wifi but the app will not connect. Reconnected the old setup. Works fine. So it has to be the IAP-325. SSID's are same and so is password. I have looked at client isolation and it is not turned on. Is there anything that could be preventing the broadcast from the app? I can ping the grill and i can open the web interface on the grill so i know it has an IP and is connected to wifi. I can see the DHCP requests in the router. When you open the app i assume it does a broadcast looking for the grill.

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Re: IAP-325 and Green Mountain Grill

Do you have broadcast filtering enabled on your SSID, under advanced?

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