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IAP 325 two Ethernet ports



I have a question about the usage of both Ethernet ports with an IAP 325.

For Example I have SSID A (vlan 10) and SSID B (vlan 20) and a management vlan (vlan 100).

It is possible to forward the client traffic of SSID A only via the Ethernet Port 1 and to forward the client traffic of SSID B via Ethernet Port 2?

Also I want to use Ethernet Port 1 for management traffic.


Thanks in advance.




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Re: IAP 325 two Ethernet ports

What I have read about the two ethernet interfaces is that 2.4Ghz traffic will flow on one interface and the 5Ghz traffic will flow on the other (this is when both interfaces are up but if there is only one interface both will flow over just the one).  I have not seen anything else that allows the directing of vlan traffic over one or the other (if you did that if one interface goes away you will loose that vlan).  

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Re: IAP 325 two Ethernet ports

Using an IAP-225 I used to be able to have both wireless customers and use port 0 for the uplink while using port 1 for my printer.  I seem to remember that there was a way to bridge the default vlan to the 2nd port - port 1.  This worked for me for many years.  


Recently, i tried to do this with v8.6 but was unable to do it.  I setup a 2nd wired profile and assigned it to port 1 using the default vlan and dhcp addresses from the VC. 


When I attach a laptop to port 1 it offers a IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and dns like it should but when I try to ping out to the lan or internet it does not reach any destination and times out.


it seems to be that internally it is doing its job but the routing past the lan is not working.  It is not bridging.


I was reading the manual and it states that you can make port 1 and uplink but if you try to make it a downlink you have to remove the wired uplink from port 0 and use wifi radios or 3g/4g as the uplink.  This is not what i was doing before.  Is this a version issue?  Do you know a way I can get this to bridge the same vlan as the wireless interface to the port 1 or even bridge the port 0 to port 1. ?




Re: IAP 325 two Ethernet ports

I think you can only have one uplink active at any time.

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Re: IAP 325 two Ethernet ports

That may be true now but i'm 100% sure that I've done this with 6.3. I
connected a printer to the 2nd port because I only had one AP wired next to
the printer. I only had the option of USB or ether net as it wasn't a
wireless printer. had it set this way for 4 years. For some reason with 8.6
I can get a dhcp address but if I try to ping out it goes nowhere. I'm
thinking maybe I need a crossover cable. That's the only thing i hAvent
tried yet but it worked beautifully. I've even talked to others that would
run a cable off an AP to connect a projector with 6.3.
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Re: IAP 325 two Ethernet ports

Hi Papuccia,


You can definitely connect another device to the second port to provide a wired connection for this device (printer for example). It will not act as an uplink for the AP though...


You just need to create a wired network profile (configure the settings as needed for trust/untrust, vlan ..etc.)



And you just need to assign it to the port




If you make the port untrusted, you will be able to see the device as well..




AFAIK, I don't think it is possible to use the two ports as uplink though..

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Re: IAP 325 two Ethernet ports

Okay. So, I am not using the 2nd port as an uplink port. I am using it to
connect a printer. My setup in the AP is I have 2 wireless ssid's. The
frost ssid is to let the network assign the vlan and ip addresses.
The 2nd SSID uses the VC to assign vlan and addresses.

When I create the wired profile for that port I use the same wired profile
as port 0 and port 1. These are network assigned vlan and addresses.

When I plug my laptop into port 1 I get an address from the network and the
correct mask and gateway and dns.

I cannot access the Internet or ping any of my internal lan addresses.

do I need a crossover cable?

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