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IAP 325 two Ethernet ports



I have a question about the usage of both Ethernet ports with an IAP 325.

For Example I have SSID A (vlan 10) and SSID B (vlan 20) and a management vlan (vlan 100).

It is possible to forward the client traffic of SSID A only via the Ethernet Port 1 and to forward the client traffic of SSID B via Ethernet Port 2?

Also I want to use Ethernet Port 1 for management traffic.


Thanks in advance.




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Re: IAP 325 two Ethernet ports

What I have read about the two ethernet interfaces is that 2.4Ghz traffic will flow on one interface and the 5Ghz traffic will flow on the other (this is when both interfaces are up but if there is only one interface both will flow over just the one).  I have not seen anything else that allows the directing of vlan traffic over one or the other (if you did that if one interface goes away you will loose that vlan).  

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