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Re: IAP-345 - Cannot create independent cluster when adjacent to existing VC

Central was the cause of my headaches. 

Between automatic device enrollment, activate automatically syncing my APs, and various other things.  My AP was kinda in Central, but that kinda was enough to start modifying values on the AP.



I removed the device license, all it's service licenses, turned off automatic device enrollment.  Then I rebooted the AP, factory defaulted the AP, and let it boot again.  I then logged in and converted it to Standalone (this is a less than optimal step in this process.  It rebooted again, came up, and I was able to login to it.  

It looks like it should, and acts like it should at this point.


I've got to say though, this is a heinous set of steps just to test and configure one AP from my desk. 


I'll have to get this device configured and re-attached to Central.  Hopefully it maintains it's static IPs and config integrity in the process.

Thanks for the help!

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