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IAP 370 - Not showing up in Airwave

We're trying to add an IAP 370/4 to our cluster but it's not appearing in Airwave - we're running Airwave, I notice the minimum software requirements for the IAP 370 mention ArubaOS & Aruba InstantOS 


Does ArubaOS/InstantOS have any relationship to our Airwave version?


Anything else I'm missing here with adding a 374? We mostly have 270/5 units currently, but have never had this sort of issue.

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Re: IAP 370 - Not showing up in Airwave

IAP 370/374 have support in Airwave, if it still not discovering in Airwave after adding airwave ip details in IAP, need to check if any network issue or any service is down in system>status page which causing this issue.


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Re: IAP 370 - Not showing up in Airwave

It appears that this issue is related to firmware - we're running version 6.x on all of our other APs, this one came with v 8.3 out of the box.


I believe we'll need to update all the APs to 8.3 for the new AP to join the swarm, is that correct?

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Re: IAP 370 - Not showing up in Airwave

In an IAP swarm, all AP's should be same version for the cluster to form.

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