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IAP 515 Spectrum monitor

I'm having a problem getting any form of spectrum monitoring working with a couple of new AP-515s we purchased. The units are in Instant mode, connected to a Virtual Controller, and running 8.4. They are going to be put into a 'noisy' envirinment, some of which is going to be caused by us due to our business so I want to be able to see this noise and hopefully get these working with minimal drops.


I've followed the instruction in the user guide but nothing I've been able to do will get me the Spectrum Monitor link. I've tried various settings by selecting an AP and setting its Radio mode to both Monitor and Spectrum Monitor. I've also played with the RF --> Radio settings and have enabled Background spectrum monitor.


When looking at the Info of the Access Point, I am able to change 'Mode' with my settings but 'Spectrum' always reports as "Disabled". Can anyone give me some suggestions? 




Re: IAP 515 Spectrum monitor

In the initial code supporting the 510 Series (AOS/Instant 8.4), spectrum analysis is not supported (see datasheet, look for asterisks).

Spectrum analysis support will be added in the upcoming 8.5 release.

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