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IAP 802.1X Redirection


I have an SSID that uses 802.1x authentication via a NPS (Windows Radius Server).  What I would like have happen is that after the user is authenticated that they be redirect to an external webpage.  I keep seeing information about roles and the capative portal but I don't seem to have any luck.  If I put the captive portal in the access rules it will appear, however when users accept it never seems to work and it never seems to redirect to an external site.  If someone can provide the steps with how to do this in an IAP cluster it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: IAP 802.1X Redirection

you will need to use a RADIUS attribute and configure the SSID for role-based enforcement.  this works a lot easier with Aruba ClearPass, but you can use NPS to do this.

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Re: IAP 802.1X Redirection

I have already connected the SSID to the radius servers.  The issue I am having is after the user is authenticated I need them to be redirected to a specific webpage.  How do I go about this step?

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