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IAP-93 upgrade, max supported firmware

Hi, I'm fairly new to the use of the Aruba software, and Iam managing a client with an existing IAP-93 setup.

Thanks to expansion of their building, I had some IAP-103's brought in for expanding the coverage since they are supposed to work fine with the current setup.

I know that the software version should be the same to have the new 103's included in the same cluster, but with the 103 at out of the box, the 93 can't upgrade past, it keeps stating that there are no newer versions available.

Of course I can download some software version from the support, but how do I know what version is or isn't supported?

With the whole "if it ain't broken" thing in mind, I just want to make sure the software version is a match with nothing too fancy past that.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks very much in advance...

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Re: IAP-93 upgrade, max supported firmware

There is a bug that does not allow AP93s to upgrade from the cloud unless upgraded to or above.  Please download for the AP93 here:

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Re: IAP-93 upgrade, max supported firmware

Hi Colin,

That explains a lot :) Thanks!! 

Downloading and scheduling the update right away!

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