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IAP Airgroup Wired

Hi Airheads,


I have an IAP-205 configured with Airgroup, configured as follows:


- Native VLAN 101 (IAP Management)

- VLAN 110 tagged for wireless clients

- VLAN 100 is allowed on the trunk to the AP


There is a server running DLNA / Time Capsule services on VLAN 100 and this works well, but the services will not be auto-discovered after the IAP reboots. I have to manually restart the services on the server for the IAP to pick them up again.


Is this normal behaviour? Is there no regular discovery that takes place for wired devices?



Re: IAP Airgroup Wired

I believe this should work.  Are you able to take a trace on the server after the IAP reboots?  Do you see an mDNS query come in and is the server replying?

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Re: IAP Airgroup Wired

Hi Seth,

Thanks for the reply, I have done a tcpdump on the server itself and a wired client on VLAN 110 (SSID bridged VLAN).

After a reboot I can see an MDNS query on VLAN 110, to which an AppleTV device responds and the airplay service shows up on the AP. There is no MDNS query seen on VLAN 100, which is simply trunked to the AP.

If I create an SSID (not even connecting clients to it) and bridge it to VLAN 100, MDNS queries are sent out VLAN 100 too.

Bearing in mind that in the first setup, if an MDNS update is seen coming in on VLAN 100 to the AP, the AP will periodically send out MDNS discovery packets from then on.

Do you know if this is expected behaviour? Is there any other way to get the AP to actively discover clients on all trunked VLANs?
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