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IAP ArubaGRE tunnel stability issue

We have a customer that is having issues with tunnels from IAP-315 APs using ArubaGRE to a 7210 controller.  Some sites are up and solid, others seem to drop and re-establish connections frequently.  This has caused the controller to constantly hand out new inside IPs.  My assumption is that it may be latency that is causing the tunnel to fail.  Most times it re-establishes successfully, but sometimes it will not re-establish and will just stay in a downed state.


IAP code is ArubaOS (MODEL: 315), Version

Controller code is ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba7210-US), Version


1. Once the inside address pool is depleted, is a controller reboot required to re-establish a new connection?

2. should these inside addresses be re-entering the pool?

3. is there a way to adjust the timeout of the IPSec tunnel to see if it is the cause of the constant rebuilding of the tunnels?





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