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IAP Centralized L2 DHCP - Get IP but can't pass web traffic

Some basics of our setup. 

- 2 x 3200 controllers in 2 different datacenters that RAPs and one office site use. 

- 7 other sites that use IAPs (mix of 105s, 225s and 325s) with their own virtual controllers per site.

- A mix of a few SSIDs that are the same across all sites and use ClearPass. 


All of the above works flawlessly.


What I am trying to do is setup an SSID with a centralized L2 DHCP that emulates a home network for testing. There are times we need to be able to act like we are working from home to test certain applications like Citrix etc. 


I have a completely separate internet link going through a separate firewall and router in our primary data center. I've set up the SSID and the centralized L2 DHCP scope in the virtual controllers. I have the correct VLAN assigned and it is in all switches across my entire network. 


I also have it setup in the 3200 controllers so that the RAPs and the one site that does not have instant APs can use it as well. 


What works: The RAPs and controller based APs have no problems and it works as needed. 


What does NOT work: In the instant APs I get a DHCP address, can resolve DNS and ping anywhere in the world, however I cannot pass HTTP/HTTPS traffic and open web pages. 


I am probably overlooking something in the virtual controllers, but cant seem to figure out what it is. 


Any help would be appreciated. 







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