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IAP Configuration: In Progress

I just installed a brand new IAP 105 and the unit will not take on the template configuration. The message in Airwave is " Configuration: In Progress". Under audit it shows the desired config but it never applies it. The AP is in read/write mode. Airewave and the IAP are both running the latest versions of software. I have tried wiped the AP and the problem still exists. Does anyone have any suggestions to get this working?



Re: IAP Configuration: In Progress

This is probably a symptom of a work queue issue that we're working on a fix for.  You could probably clear things up for a while by restarting the AirWave processes, which you can do by clicking "Restart AMP" on the System Status page.

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Re: IAP Configuration: In Progress



A restart of the AMP service did not resolve this. Do you have any more suggestions? This problem is holding up the conversion of a site from Cisco AP's to Aruba AP's.



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