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IAP Content Filtering

I am doing some testing in my lab with an IAP 105, OS version - on Content Filtering.


I have enabled Content Filtering but do not see where I would make any changes.  I have read that it worked in conjunction with OpenDNS?  


Can someone give me a better explanation on how Content Filtering works on an IAP.



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Re: IAP Content Filtering

With content filtering enabled on an SSID all DNS requests for that SSID are fowarded to OpenDNS for resolution.  You need an OpenDNS account and allowed / blocked web sites are configured in OpenDNS.   The only thing to configure on the IAP is: 1. the account name and password for your OpenDNS account. 2. enabling content filtering per SSID.

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Re: IAP Content Filtering

Thanks for the quick response.


I started the process and the quickly aborted as it is $750 annually.


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