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IAP Count in AirWave

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to suggest this is, but I have a small “pet peeve” about unnecessary math when working with technology.  In the AirWave interface, when you select “APs/Devices”, it will show a quick summary of the devices in the current folder (in the dropdown menu for “Go to folder:”).   This number includes both APs and Virtual Controller (of which, there is always one, unless there is a problem).  So, for example, I'd see "SITE (13)" for 12 APs and the VC, if all went well during installation.


Would it be possible to change the notation somehow, to indicate the number of APs and the VC separately?  At a glance, if I’m expecting 12 APs to be installed at a location, I’d like to be able to look at the folder for that location and see a 12, indicating there are 12 APs installed (whether up or down).  A simple indicator for the VC could be the asterisk (*) as used in the Devices List that appears below on this same page, next to the actual AP that is hosting the VC.


This could also have the convenient effect of showing quickly if there is a problem with the VC – no asterisk, no VC.  So a good status might be:  SITE (12)*, whereas a site with issues might be SITE (12).  It's a little thing, but has led to many instances of "What number do you see?" while we're doing installs, and we've been off by one in several instances because the answer isn't always what the actual question meant...


My apologies if this isn't the right forum for this, but I haven't found the right space to post this back to Aruba/HPE.

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