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Is it possible to customize the size/range of IP addresses in the DHCP pool used by clients who are assigned an IP address by the Virtual Controller?

In the cli guide ver pg. 130, it is suggested that this is possible. However, neither the GUI or cli provide this option. Is the range specified by using a custom subnet mask as opposed to the default mask?


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Re: IAP DHCP Scopes

You won’t be able to exclude particular range of IP addresses (like to 1.25).  You can only exclude the range as per below statement.




Based on the size of the subnet, the IP addresses that come before or after the IP address value specified in this field are excluded.




This is by design. 








Subnet: /24


Excluded address:




This will exclude addresses from to 1.20.  Default Gateway should be


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Re: IAP DHCP Scopes

Thanks for your response. It was not very clear however your description and I was unable to find in the documentation anything similar.

Since the client wanted a small range of IP's as opposed to an entire network range due to how the application works, we defined a custom mask that reduced the number of available IP's


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