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IAP DHCP query

Hello community,


I've not had the time to test this in my office lab, so before I do I would like to try to get confirmation regarding this query.


For our IAP deployment, in many cases we will have sites that will have multiple Vlans trunked to the IAP. Within several of these Vlans there will be a DHCP server operating.


My question is this, if there are multiple Vlans trunked to the IAP, and when the IAP boots and attempts to perform a DHCP-DISCOVER, is there anyway you can control which of the Vlans the IAP uses to obtain an IP address. I'm a little concerned as we will likely trunk a guest Vlan to the IAP, and the DHCP server will be configured to offer 192.168.x.x/21 addressing which if the IAP uses, will mean that I am unable to connect to the IAP if the IAP post initial configuration, was to lose power, be rebooted, etc.


I know you can configure the 'control-plane Van' in the IAP configuration, and wonder if this configuration was what controlled this post the initial configuration. I'm thinking this configuration would be saved in the IAP configuration, and therefore in the event of a power failure, this would be restored, but would like to confirm my understanding is correct.



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Re: IAP DHCP query

Out the box, the IAP will receive a DHCP address from the untagged VLAN.  When you create your networks, make the VLAN assignment static and a number and the IAP will always tag guest traffic with that number, so there is no chance that the guests will end up on the wrong vlan.


If you need that management VLAN to be anything that the untagged VLAN, you can configure an Uplink VLAN:


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Re: IAP DHCP query

Thanks Colin, my primary concern was the IAP getting the wrong IP address, but as you say, the IAP will obtain an IP address from the untagged (native) Vlan out of the box, we is reassuring. Thanks for confirming.

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