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IAP - Factory reset or clear startup-config via SSH



I would like to know if its possible to factory reset or remove the saved config of an IAP that's part of an existing cluster.

I don't have physical access to the device and I would like it to wipe the config and re-join the cluster.


Is this possible?




Re: IAP - Factory reset or clear startup-config via SSH

here u go:  :smileyvery-happy:

GUI Method.  

  • Click on "Maintenance" and go to the "Convert" tab.  
  • In the dropdown for "Convert one or more APs to" choose "Standalone AP".  
  • Pick the one you want.  
  • This will gracefully exit the IAP from the VC cluster.


Console method.  

  • You need a the console cable that came in the IAP box.   (USB type A to type A).
  •  You need the USB console driver from the Aruba support site.
  • Connect the IAP to your favorite terminal program.
  • Log in with your configured ID/PW.
  • type "reload" and watch it reboot
  • right after the POST finishes, it gives you a 2 second timer to press enter to abort.  Press enter.
  • at the "apboot>" prompt type:
  • "purgeenv"
  • "clear os"
  • "save"
  • then reboot the AP.   this is functionally equivalent to pressing the reset button on the other units
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