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IAP Guest Admin page on mobile devices.

Hello All, 


We have a simple 3 x IAP-215 setup and we have an SSID for employees and an SSID for guests with captive portal. The idea is the receptionist will provide guests credentials to login to the captive portal. 


When logging in to the IAP/master controller with the guest admin credentials on PC everything works great and reception can setup guests. But if reception logs in with guest admin credentials on mobile (iOS or Android) the page shows the headers but the middle of the page where guest accounts are listed and you setup new users is not there. 


PCs are on a different network than the wifi network so this is the best solution for the receptionist and setting up new guest users.


TLDR: Any idea why the Guest Admin page has all its features blanked out on when viewing on mobile devices but not PC? 

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