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IAP Issue

We have 3 IAP-105 installed in our customer place and we are broadcasting 4 SSID one with dot-1x authentication and other two are wpa personal authentication and other is guest with external captive portal.


Now i am facing issue with guest SSID  i e when the client connects to IAP1 all thing working fine i e he is getting external captive portal from CPPM and he is going to post auth role after authentication.


But when the client  connect to IAP2 and IAP3  just the client is able to get the IP address and the client is able to resolve DNS but he is not getting the captive portal page.


I tested with mobile device also the result is same thing i e its working fine with IAP1 but its not working in IAP2 and IAP3.


I rebooted IAP2 and IAP3 as i doubted the configuration is not pushed properly but the result is same.



Nithin Kumar C V

Re: IAP Issue

Hi Nitin,

When we say not working connected to IAP 1, may i know what is the error message we get on the client?

If i am not wrong, all the 3 IAP`s are on the same cluster, what happens if we remove the IAP 2 or IAP 3 from the cluster and try to do captive portal and see if that makes any difference ? if this the issue only with Guest and not with psk ssid ?

It would be great if you upload the copy of show tech from IAP1, and IAP 2.


Thank you,

Sriram S

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Re: IAP Issue

For your clarification in IAP1 its working fine but its not working in IAP2 and IAP3.


the page cannot be displayed.( Error Message) when we connect to IAP2 and IAP3 but if i manually type the captive portal URL its coming.


Yes they are on same cluster.


I think removing IAP2 and IAP3 will not make much difference and we are trying to Switch off IAP1 when i got the down time.


Yes this is happening with only guest SSID other 3 SSID are working fine in all IAP's.


I will try to get the tech file.



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Re: IAP Issue

Any update

Re: IAP Issue

Hi Nithin,

Can you provide running-config from all the 3 IAP`s, so that we could review the configuration match between IAP`s.

We may also need to check the user-role, acls being hit, show datapath session table output to check client traffic when there is an issue. Please open up a TAC case if this is critical.


Thank you,


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Re: IAP Issue

By taking tech support dump observed that there is a mismatch in configuration in IAP2 and IAP 3 compare to IAP 1.


After changing it , it started working fine.

Re: IAP Issue

Good news & Thanks a lot for the update.

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Re: IAP Issue

What mismatch was it as I am experiencing the same issue with my external captive portal.

Would you mind posting the difference?
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Re: IAP Issue

We got DNS mismatch.


because in IAP the DNS will not synch we have to configure in each IAP manually.




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