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IAP, Mesh Link as a Bridge, and DHCP

I am setting up a mesh link that I want to work like a bridge. Trunk all traffic. The mesh point IAP is connected to a switch. If I connect a laptop to the the switch, I get a 169.x.x.x address. The switch has minimal config with only VLAN1.


Both IAPs are upgraded to the latest firmware.  I assume I need an IP Helper-address somewhere in the virtual controller. Where? 


My VC is and DHCP is at


Also, do I enable ETH0 bridge on the mesh point?


Thanks in advance.

Re: IAP, Mesh Link as a Bridge, and DHCP

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Thank you

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Re: IAP, Mesh Link as a Bridge, and DHCP

aruba bridge.jpg

Here is the current setup. I am able to ping from the AP225 (point) to the Internet.  

Switch .203 cannot ping anything. Not the connected AP or beyond. eth0 bridge is enabled.


Is there something that keeps eth0 from passing traffic to a switch? The switch only IP, Mask, Gateway set.

Re: IAP, Mesh Link as a Bridge, and DHCP

What does your eth0 wired profile assingment look like? 



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