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IAP Mesh portal/points on new subnets

I have an IAP Mesh p2p link that was configured in the lab on one subnet and tested fine. This has since been installed on site up a large pole and i have to make a change :(


The Portal needs to join a VC on a different subnet to that configured in the lab. I will then also need to changed the subnet on the Mesh point AP as well (no problems so far...)


If the Mesh Portal joins another VC subnet, will the change obliterate the p2p pairing I have, as they are requried to be pair on the same wired subnet?


And if this is the case, are there any sneaky tricks out there that dont require a reaaallly long cable or a ladder?

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Re: IAP Mesh portal/points on new subnets

You can have Mesh Portal and Point in a VLAN and the other VC in a different VLAN.


Having a VC and Mesh Portal and Point is not recommended.


I have posted some article also on our KB site.


There is a design recommendation for such a scenario (Trick for you)


1) Keep the Portal's uplink and Points downlink as trunk.

2) Portal and Point will be using the Native VLAN.

3) Bringup the other VC cluster in a different subnet.


We have deployed this setup in different customer setup. We even have VCs spanned across an IAP mesh link.





(Above answer is based on my knowledge and NOT an official statement from Aruba)
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Re: IAP Mesh portal/points on new subnets

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