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IAP Multicast Issue

Hello Everyone
I´am testing an education software to share teacher screen and documents with students over the wifi.
This software uses multicast to establish the communication between teachers and students.
When i use a wired network vlan to create a SSID everything works fine, and all students and teacher using this SSID are able to communicate with wich other.
When i try to use a SSID using the internal VC DHCP server, students are unable to communicate with the teachers devices.
I disabled all Broadcast/Multicast filters and features, but still dont working.


I think that once the multicast ips are out of the network range, the VC is routing this packets to the gateway. I know its doesnt make sense, but it is just a theory.


someone already faced a similar problem?

Re: IAP Multicast Issue

If the VC is handing out the IP address, then the cluster is NAT'ing out of the uplink on the VC IAP.  Hence, you should not be able to reach the source via L2.  Can you switch to tagging a VLAN or default VLAN?

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Re: IAP Multicast Issue

I solved this problem just adding a new DHCP scope (local,L3) with a VLAN. 

Now i using custom vc vlan assignment and everything is working fine.


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