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IAP Recommendation

I've been struggling slightly to make a decision on which AP model to go with, and was hoping to get a third opinion.


I'm currently looking at either one of the following three models: 





My use cases are pretty simple. We will need about 7 access points to cover the whole office. I would expect 20-30 users per access point at peak utilization. Even during those peak times we would probably only have 1-2 out of the 7 APs actually reach that level of concurrent users. The bandwidth usage is fairly limited too, I don't expect it to exceed 20Mbit overall traffic (for all users on all APs combined).


My instinct is that I will probably be okay with the IAP-103. Would you agree with that? My thought was that with the lower cost of the IAP-103 I could probably buy 8 or 9 instead of 7 devices and install them more densely in the areas where I expect more utilization.


On the other hand the IAP-215 sounds like a bit too much. Our combined Internet bandwidth is only 30Mbit, so I don't think we would even need AC technology in any situation. Are there any other upsides?


I guess the only question is if the IAP-115 would be better suited for my needs.


Would it be possible to combine the IAP-115 with the IAP-103 and maybe use two 115s for the dense areas and 103s for the less dense areas?


Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: IAP Recommendation


Easy,Combine diffrent models - that's way Aruba instant is a great solution!

*Dont forget to use 802.3af ports (for POE) - or buy PD injector or AC adapters.

*All Access points that in this post can use same Mount-kits ! ( AP-130-MNT is the best :) )

*Use Aruba VisualRF in order to pre-design your deployment.

*Dont forget to use 10/100/1000 ports - in order to give you accesspoints all the needed "juice" :)

12-02-2015 23-02-04.png

Mix iAP-205 with iAP-215 with iAP-103

  • Guest Areas/Eating&drinking areas ,low usage areas - iAP-103
  • Normal users/Enteprise usage areas - iAP-205 (cost-effective 802.11ac AP.Will give you 802.11ac while iAP-115 will only allow you 802.11n)
  • in locations you would like to get better troughtput & coverage in order to handle diffrent service in large number of clients/devices - use iAP-215. (Exterme preformence of 802.11ac)
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Re: IAP Recommendation

Thanks for your advice.


I'm really not sure if we need 802.11ac. Most of our devices don't even support it and we really have no need for higher bandwidth like streaming video etc. What other advantages does iap-205 have over iap-103 apart from the 802.11ac? Can iap-103 sustain 30+ concurrently connected users with low usage?


Re: IAP Recommendation


Good morning.


The 205 is a 802.11ac AP in a cost-effective price.


The 103 will fit you client TODAY needs (based on what you wrote in your post) BUT, when your client invest money , He would like to get a solution for a few years.


What is the AP-103?

AP-103 is a low cost dual radio 802.11n 2x2 access point, targeted at low density, low-cost deployments.


 NOTE: (I think from old AirHeads post)

13-02-2015 08-51-55.png



Even of today your client dont need any 802.11ac deployment , He might find soon that most of his smart devices will be able to take advantage of 802.11ac and also laptops. (Dont forget that your client is letting your design the deployment - but not all the time the client know's what the best technology that will fit is needs)


You should design your deployment , Based on the daily usages of mobile apps (that keep growing everyday) and based on the amount of smart devices / IOT devices/services / CLOUD services that keep poping up.


BTW - and let's not forget that 802.11ac W2 (Wave2)  is on the way :)


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Re: IAP Recommendation

Beyond the concern for possible future needs of the client equipment, consider the life-cycle of the gear you're buying. You'll want to lean toward newer equipment so it will have the longest period of technical/hardware/software support from Aruba.


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Re: IAP Recommendation

Why you dont consider the IAP 205


IAP 103 might fit your need now like kdisk alreayd told you


215 its too much


205 its good its a 2x2 AC access point.


205 should be good up to 40 devices per AP 20 per band(i mean if you are not using the ap for HIGH traffic i mean just internet traffic.   Not internal apps, video, voice and something that would consume a LOT of BW.


Take in mind that 205 has better cpu and ram than 103.



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