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IAP SFP 3rd Party

Recently bought some new AP-375's and need to put them in remote locations. Because of fiber restriction I would like to use 3rd party (Cisco) BIDI optics to make the connection.


When I insert the SFP, I don't see anything at all. I assume that the copper port is eth0 and the SFP port is eth1. I see some activity on E1 with the SFP, but never see a link and the AP watchdogs after a few minutes.


I can't find anything about activating or using the SFP, mainly when it comes to 3rd party optics. I see lots of posts about Aruba switches using the 3rd party optics, but is there any tricks or something needed to be done the IAP side to get these working?


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Re: IAP SFP 3rd Party

Non-Aruba optics would not be supported, they require extended temperature rated modules, which you can find on the AP-370 Ordering Guide. The inside of the chassis can exceed 70-80C+ and non-extended temp optics could fail and cause issues for the AP. 


So for any official support, they should be the supported SX or LX modules on the ordering guide. Anything else, even if it may work, should not be used, so as to not risk damaging the AP and voiding the warranty.

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