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IAP Site to Site VPN to VPN Server

Hey everyone, pretty basic question, but I sadly didn't yet have Aruba Course and research about this specific topic is pretty hard.

I have mutltiple branch offices with each around 7 IAPs.

My question is: is there a possibility to manage them all with one VC by making them "break out" at a VPN Concentrator other than a controller? (like openswan or strongswan?)

The thing is: We have a hard time selling controllers  to small and medium sized companies because Cisco is currently the best priced solution for >100 APs and a centralized management (never thought I'd ever say this.).

Thanks in advance!

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Re: IAP Site to Site VPN to VPN Server

In this case, you would use Airwave to Manage all of those IAPs (push configuration to them). Please see the instant VRD here for more details:

Or you would have those access points cloud managed

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