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IAP VC as DHCP to peer APs



We have just received our first batch of IAPs and we are designing a network of over 20 units.

Now I find myself a bit puzzled since I was expecting the IAP and VC to act like a regular controller

but I can't seem to make the VC distribute ip addresses via DHCP to it's AP peers.


There will be more sites done with IAP and my initial thoughts were to make every site a self

contained IAP enviroment that bridges the clients to a existing L2 architecure, but I'm having

trouble with the Aruba logic of thins.


Can someone verify for me if the IAP VC can even act as a DHCP server for fellow APs and if

not what is the suggested solution by Aruba? I'm not going to fool around with static ip addresses

and I'm a bit annoyed by the thought that I'm going to have to build a DHCP server for this setup.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: IAP VC as DHCP to peer APs

Usually the upstream switch or DHCP server provides DHCP. They cannot provide DHCP to themselves.


Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480
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Re: IAP VC as DHCP to peer APs

Thanks for the quick reply!


I'm a bit dissapointed but I'm not going to argue over this. A DHCP server it shall

be. The network is terminated at a firewall and the switch network is L2 only. I think

the most sensible way is to make the firewall act as a dhcp relay.


If anyone has any good ideas I'm still open to suggestions. I'm not keen on making

the firewall as a dhcp server, doesn't seem suitable for the task and I wouldn't like

to make a single switch act as a DHCP, seems like a bad practice.

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