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IAP VLAN issue: Bug or "by design"?



After struggling with an IAP-315 setup we've discovered something weird. But let me describe our setup first:


Site 1:

10x IAP-315 set up with Management VLAN = 2 and Native VLAN = 101.

VLAN 2 is our infrastruktuce network.

VLAN 101 is a guest network with only internet access.

Switchport config on the switch is: VLAN 2 = tagged, VLAN 101 = untagged.

When we add new AP's they start out on an untagged VLAN 2 port on the switch, in order to connect with the other configured AP's, and get the config, and then we power the new AP off while changing it's switchport to VLAN2: tagged and VLAN101: untagged.

Result: Works great.


Site 2:

Exact same configuration with only ONE difference: The infrastructure VLAN (or management VLAN if you will) is not on ID 2 but uses ID 1 (default VLAN).

Result: Election broadcast packets are being sent either over the native vlan (untagged), hence we cannot add AP's to the first one we configured.


Conclusions and questions:

This is 100% reproducible. The show election statistics command on new ap's shows that NO packets are received. Meanwhile both AP's are able to ping eachother just fine.


Also, I should mention, that when we created a test VLAN2 and Site2, we got it working immidiately!


So my question is this:

Is this behavious a bug or by design (and by design I mean: is it common knowledge that VLAN1 must not, or can not be tagged)?

The fact that points to this being a bug IMO, is that is it absolutely possible to configure VLAN1 under the Management VLAN and as tagged on our HP switch port. If this wasn't supported, shouldn't they make sure it wasn't accepted when entered in the config?


Re: IAP VLAN issue: Bug or "by design"?

Duplicate message; follow up: here

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