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Hi All,


I have been playing around with an IAP-VPN setup that i have simulated in my lab. 

Apparently i can see the output of "show vpn status" IAP as established to the controller.

Also i can see "show crypto isakmp sa" and "show crypto ipsec sa" on the controller as well. 


But i cannot see any output on the "show iap table" command on the controller. 


(POC-VPNC) [mynode] (config) #show crypto isakmp sa

ISAKMP SA Active Session Information
Initiator IP Responder IP Flags Start Time Private IP
------------ ------------ ----- --------------- ---------- r-v2-c-I Dec 21 08:38:19



(POC-VPNC) [mynode] (config) #show crypto ipsec sa

IPSEC SA (V2) Active Session Information
Initiator IP Responder IP SPI(IN/OUT) Flags Start Time Inner IP
------------ ------------ ---------------- ----- --------------- -------- 5d0d8c00/f6761a00 UT2 Dec 21 10:22:28



(POC-VPNC) [mynode] (config) #show iap table

Trusted Branch Validation: Disabled
IAP Branch Table
Name VC MAC Address Status Inner IP Assigned Subnet Assigned Vlan
---- -------------- ------ -------- --------------- -------------

Total No of UP Branches : 0
Total No of DOWN Branches : 0


What could i be missing ?



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