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IAP Virtual Controller Assigned Client IP and VLAN

What determines the IP addressing that will be used for "virtual controller assigned" client IP and VLAN assignment? We use a standard of 2 IAPs per store and I've been testing a new setup. In this case, the IAPs and virtual controller are on the subnet and the mobile devices are connected to newly created ssid using  When I check the config on the IAP I don't see any mention of 172.31.98 and I'd like a better understanding of how that works. How can I tell how many DHCP leases are given out for that subnet? When devices communicate out past the AP, what are they getting NAT'd to? Is it the IP of whatever AP they are terminated on? Or is it always the IP of the master AP?

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Re: IAP Virtual Controller Assigned Client IP and VLAN Config.htm?Highlight=virtual controller assigned

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