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IAP Virtual Controller Issues with Airwave

OK this is a weird one. We have been using Airwave and IAPs for years without issues. We only use in read/monitor mode, not for actual management. 


We recently added IAP-325s to a site in San Antonio. They were to have the same configs as our Dallas site other than the local network specific IP and naming info.


I added one of the new APs to our Dallas network for the configs to get loaded on it. I then took it to San Antonio, brought it up as the only AP and proceeded to make all the changes. I made sure the IPs, names, organization, etc. were set to their correct values for that site and put it in service. I then brought up the other APs at that site with no issues. 


The problem is with Airwave. It wanted to add all the new APs to the Dallas group under the Dallas virtual controller. It also kept showing the San Antonio and Dallas VCs as being mismatched. I tried deleting the templates and creating new ones, but that didnt work. Then I tried deleting the VCs, but no luck there and In the end out of sheer frustration I deleted all the new San Antonio APs and the existing Dallas APs from Airwave as well as their respective groups figuring I would just start over. This is where the madness steps up a notch. 


It shows a newly discovered device as the San Antonio virtual controller, but with the Dallas IP address and when I try to add it I get a message that says it is adding Dallas Virtual Controller to the Dallas group, then all of the Dallas and San Antonion APs show up in the down list, but with the San Antonio Virtual Controller. 


I am about to scream, LOL Someone please tell me how I can make it so that the Dallas VC and San Antonio VC show up as two seperate devices (since they are two physically differnet deviecs in two different offices) along with their respective APs.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated!



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Re: IAP Virtual Controller Issues with Airwave

Adding an access point into a cluster and having airwave manage it embeds the same virtual-controller-key as the cluster which is what Airwave uses to keep track of what APS are in the same cluster.  You should SSH into the access point for san antonio and try to put in a different "virtual-controller-key" and see if that will remove fix your issue.



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Re: IAP Virtual Controller Issues with Airwave

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was that simple. Once you pointed out the key I also foung this article which was out exact scenario.

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