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IAP Virtual Controller VLAN Setting

So I have noticed a few setting under the IAP "System", "Advanced Settings" that I though made sense but don't seem to do anything but actually make the AP stop responding.


What is the purpose of the "Virtual Controller VLAN" setting?


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Re: IAP Virtual Controller VLAN Setting

You can configure the Vlan the IAP management traffic will run on.  When left at the default mgmt traffic will be on the native / untagged vlan. You might do this as  "Best-Practice" to separate mgmt traffic from user traffic.

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Re: IAP Virtual Controller VLAN Setting

Well, thats what I thought it would do.


We have a IAP connected to a trunk port with no native vlan statement. We were hoping that by assigning a value to the Virtual Controller VLAN field the AP would be accessed via the static ip assigned to it that is in the Virtual Controller VLAN but instead the AP becomes unreachable.

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Re: IAP Virtual Controller VLAN Setting

Ok, I think I figured it this out. The Virtual Controller VLAN statement is to be used for accessing VC's from and external network versus just having the VC and AP on different internal, routed, networks.

Re: IAP Virtual Controller VLAN Setting

Most switch configurations will have a default native vlan of 1 unless otherwise set. There may also be an option to disallow untagged traffic on a trunk port, but based on your description I don't believe this to be the case.


It sounds as though the current IP address associated with the Instant is valid for the default native VLAN. When you change that mgmt vlan on the IAP side, is the IP address still valid for the new vlan?

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