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IAP and CALEA integration

Hi guys!


I'm trying to understand how the lawful interception works within the IAP. I've read the section about that on the 6.4 user guide, and as i understand, a Radius server is needed to trigger the interception for a specific client.


I would like to know if it is possible to send the traffic of all the client to the Calea server without having to use a Radius server or any trigger. I just want to have all the trafic sent to the Calea Server.


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: IAP and CALEA integration

HI friend,


Try the following.

1. Create a role with a policy CALEA as shown in the snapshot.

2. Configure the CALEA server as shown in the snapshot. 




Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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