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Hi everyone,


I do know that it's possible to convert an IAP to a CAP through the web-interface in the IAP. But just two follow up questions;


If, for whatever reason, you'd like to convert an CAP to an IAP, is it manual management by having to manually upload the firmware?


The second question - If a customer is using an IAP solution and decides for whatever reason go for a mobility controller based solution - Is there any way to quickly convert the config from an IAP based solution to a Mobility controller based solution, or is it necessary to redo the config on the mobility controller?




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Re: IAP and CAP

To covert an IAP that is acting as a CAP back to an IAP, all you have to do is reset the AP and it will have the IAP image . You dont have to manually upload the firmware.

As for as the configuration, i don't think there is a way to move the IAP config to the controller. The controller has to be configured seperately.




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Re: IAP and CAP

Thank you for your reply!


I thought as much on your second answer, would've been neat if you just could export and import the config into a mobility controller. Maybe a future feature? :smileyhappy:


On the question converting an CAP to an IAP. I was more curious if you could convert a CAP to an IAP, which never has been an IAP to begin with?




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Re: IAP and CAP

CAP's can't be converted to an IAP unless they were originally an IAP.


I believe there are some subtle differences in hardware (the reset button for instance) that makes them slightly different even though they look and operate the same.



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