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IAP and Controller document

where i can find a document about aruba IAP that explain how many Ap can IAP handle for all type

Re: IAP and Controller document


The suggested new limit  2000 devices (Users / devices )

For Ap'S it's depands on traffic / appliaction - We in the past deployed IAP group of even up to 70+ units


There isnt a limit as well on ap in a cluster (As long as it not AP93)


Takae in mind that if you are gong to have soo many IAPs try using as master something like a IAP 225 or at least an IAP 135 which has better hardware...


 	   SDRAM memory	FLASH memory	CPU
RAP-3WN(P)	128MB	16MB	AR9344 560MHz
IAP-104/105	128MB	16MB	AR7161 680MHz
IAP-114/115	256MB	32MB	AR9550 700MHz
IAP-134/135	256MB	16MB	88F6560 1.6GHz Single Core
IAP-224/225	512MB	32MB	P1020 800MHz Dual Core

 read more here:

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