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IAP and switch settings

I have a 1500-24P Mobility Access Switch, and 2 IAP-215,

how should I set up the settings to perform roaming function for the 2 IAPs?

Do I need to add a router to the switch to have the Internet connection or just the switch and the 2 IAPs are enough?

Also, how should I set up the IP address of them?

Thank you.

Re: IAP and switch settings

please go via:


in this case, i would advice to keep both IAP in same cluster, which means keep them in same VLAN.


same VLAN means no routing needed.


also, let the IAP pick an IP from DHCP server. wait for an SSID "instant" to be broadcasted. connect to that SSID, go to any URL and you will get instant GUI for configuration. since both IAP are in same cluster, they can be managed from same GUI.

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Re: IAP and switch settings

Thanks for your reply.
However, what should I do if I do not want to apply the VLAN?
What should be the two IAP's IP adress and the switch's IP address? Let's say 192.168.x.x
Thank you.
Also, do I need a router?

Re: IAP and switch settings

you can keep them in same VLAN as switch. say switch VLAN is 192.168.x.x\16


router is needed for routing between VLANs. if you are not creating any new VLANs then don't worry about it.


Remember wireless is extension of wired network, so there should always be a wired network routing out to internet first.

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Re: IAP and switch settings

Sorry I am still confused about the switch settings.
If I get your meaning correct, I should set up a VLAN in the switch?
Or the switch would act as VLAN to help the two IAPs in the same cluster?
If I set the switch's IP address as,
what should I set the IAP's address? and
But what will be the IP address of the client connected to the AP?
Sorry for stupid question.
Moreover, is there any video to teach how to set up a switch?

Re: IAP and switch settings

Lets come back to the original question. forget about wireless for now. Lets first think how you would have one PC on wired switch port, go out to internet using the S1500?


If you can figure that out, IAPs are easy.

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