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IAP broadcasting unconfigured hidden network

In my lab i have an IAP-225 which is running EA code. While doing some scans i noticed that it is broadcasting a hidden SSID. I have not configured this.


The AP is managed by Airwave, and configured through the IGC.


Here is what i see over the air while scanning with airodump-ng


AC:A3:1E:AA:01:31  -48  45     3956        0    0  52  54e  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  <length: 0>                                                                                                                        
 AC:A3:1E:AA:01:32  -48  56     3938      955    2  52  54e  WPA2 CCMP   PSK  HelloWorld  


When i look at the radio in AMP i see that it does not show a hidden network


Active BSSIDs

BSSID Ascending SSID


I have only two SSIDs configured in the IGC which is my HellowWorld SSID and another Guest on 2.4 ghz only. Show run on the AP show only 2 wlan ssid-profiles


Why is my access point sending out beacons for a hidden network? Has anyone else seen this behaviour?




Re: IAP broadcasting unconfigured hidden network

Could that be the mesh ssid you're seeing?

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Re: IAP broadcasting unconfigured hidden network

Please try enabling the option 'Extended SSID' under System, Advanced options.


This option controls the automatic mesh option, that should only broadcast on 5GHz, to build a wirless mesh if AP's are not connected to the wired network. If IAPs have been in the same cluster, you can disconnect one AP from the network and just power it to build up a mesh link to the connected AP's.


If mesh is not used, turning on 'Extended SSID' allows to use the mesh SSID for another SSID.



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