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IAP captive portal- SSL cert.

What are the requirements and procedure to add an SSL cert. so users do not receive the certificate error  when connecting to guest access captive portal.  Where would the hostname for the captive portal be configured?  Would a wild cart cert. work?



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Re: IAP captive portal- SSL cert.

Hi, deadtrain.


The default Certificate on the Instant should work with most devices.


Do you experience this with all client devices/browsers? This may be because your client device's browser does not recognize "Geotrust SSL DV CA" as a trusted CA. As the URL for the captive portal is, and only the owner of the domain "" are authorized to request certificates for the domain, you cannot change this.

Also, I don't think that you can change the domain / hostname of the internal captive portal.


I have experienced that some devices handles redirection differently and throws an error because the Aruba instant certificate does not match the site which you are trying to reach.

This is probably an issue with different methods of redirection vs. the way different browsers handles these methods.

-ACMX #352-
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