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IAP captive portal with open DNS



I am running IAP-225 with I am using opendns in the IAP. However captive portal doesnt seems to work and page is not loading. If i use own corporate server/google server instead of open dns then it works. 


Can some one explain how the work flow of IAP regarding the captive portal when open dns is configured?


Thanks in advance. 

Re: IAP captive portal with open DNS

Hey, I've just tested this on the same version and it works for me without any issues. If I go to a blocked/unblocked site when using OpenDNS (configured under the SSID as Content Filtering, not as DNS settings on the client) I still see the Captive Portal. Once I have authenticated and the initial re-direct was previously to a blocked site I see the OpenDNS blocked page.


The Captive Portal will only display correctly if it is able to get a valid response from the DNS servers. So if you have an upstream device which is blocking access to the OpenDNS servers, the IAP will not see a dns-reply and therefore the Captive Portal will not be displayed.



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