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IAP cluster ping responses

I had setup a cluster of 5 IAP135s and configured them all up OK. When i ran pings to each IAP only the VC and the IP of the device hosted the VC would respond but not the others. Any reason for this?

Re: IAP cluster ping responses


All should respond to ping , unless you have some sort of port ACL that only allows pings to certain IP addresses in that segment or those haven't received a IP address yet ?


Can you see all the IAPs up and running on the VC ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: IAP cluster ping responses

I've had to ship the kit out  now - it all worked OK except for the pings - devices were all showing on the VC. IP addresses were statically assigned to the devices. They were all connected to the same switch with my laptop also plugged into one of the ports on the switch, so no ACLs or anything between the APs and my laptop. If there were I assume it would affect traffic not just the VC and its device. When the VC moved so did the ping responses.


Re: IAP cluster ping responses

Can you please verify the code version you are running? I just ran into this on a client delpoyment and filed a bug with engineering for this issue.


Cheers, Adam

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Re: IAP cluster ping responses

The kit is on its way to Japan - I will verify the code version when they are up and running.

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