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IAP conversion to CAP



I have been trying to convert IAP to campus AP by accessing the web interface of the IAP. The conversion goes successful but every time the AP comes back to connect to the controller, it is undesirably going into AM mode. I have tried doing it multiple times with every possible way i could (even repeated the steps after hard and soft resetting the IAP multiple times) but in vain. Tried enabling/disabling the "mode aware ARM" option  ARM profile. "Mode" in both 802.11a and 802.11g radio profiles is set to "ap-mode". The AP is getting the right profiles and group. But still the AP always goes into AM mode.


Here are the other related details;


1.  Access Point used is IAP-135 (OS 6.1/3.1)

2.  Aruba MC620 with AOS

3.  One more AP (AP-105) is connected to the controller which is working fine as it should be but IAP-135 always act as AM even if we disconnect the AP-105 from the controller.




Can anyone please advise me on this?


Quick response will be highly appreciated.




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Re: IAP conversion to CAP

Please see the article here:



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Re: IAP conversion to CAP

Thank you for your response :)



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