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IAP convert to CAP/RAP



I have question regarding IAPs. Lets assume that I have 100 IAPs. All IAPs are in the same L2 so I have only one cluster. I would like to purchase controller and what will happen whan I convert master IAP to CAP? All IAPs will convert to CAPs AP automatically?




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Re: IAP convert to CAP/RAP

You would have to convert them all by clicking the select all option on the
maintenance tab,.

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Re: IAP convert to CAP/RAP

If you converted the master AP when the other 99 APs are up and attached in the same cluster, all 100 should be converted simultaneously. But if you converted the master AP when the other APs are not part of the cluster then only the master AP is converted and the other APs will become a 99-AP IAP cluster when they come up.

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Re: IAP convert to CAP/RAP

I have a question, that is we have a RAP3, with a USB modem as uplink. 


Will the conversion of the RAP3 as Remote-AP to a controller will work, as using the USB modem uplink?


I would like to know, if the conversion will be possible when the IAP is using wifi-uplink?

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