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IAP doesn't become RAP (Urgent)

Sir i successfully configured IAP93 as Campus AP but i  want to configure it as Remote Access Point. when i go to the option Convert and enter the Live IP of controller the process begins but when start creating tunnel it makes not. Conmtroller has LIVE ip but it doesn't have any trunk port.   at another location where iap has deployed , there is a connection from Microtek Router Board to POE D-link Switch so IAP connected to that switch there is no DHCP available so each IAP connected to switch through static ip. Plz hgelp me that how can i resolve this problem I want IAP as Remote ACCESS Point. JPEG is attached for your reference.




Re: IAP doesn't become RAP (Urgent)

What do you see on the data path on the controller? Have you plugged a console cable into the AP to see what it is doing? i.e getting an IP or not?

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Re: IAP doesn't become RAP (Urgent)

You cannot convert an IAP to a regular AP over the internet. You must do it on the LAN.  It will not work, based on your diagram.


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Re: IAP doesn't become RAP (Urgent)

When converting IAP as RAP I received a Error Log please find attachment of that log, and tell me what happens.


There are two scenarios figure attached,


In Scenario 1 :   there are 3 IAPs iwant 2 of them connected as RAP and one is as Standalone. 2 IAPs successfully connected to controller when converted them into CAP(Campus AP) but not become RAP and generated a log which is attached for your information, when these 2 CAPs broadcasting SSIDs made on controller users didn't connected to them showing LIMITED or NO CONNECTIVITY and the stand alone IAP doesn't broadcast its own SSIDs.


In Scenario 2:               The Standalone IAP broadcasting its SSIDs and entertaining users but the remaining IAPs when converting to RAP shown same log as previously generated and when trying to convert them as CAP they converted successfully but doesn't broadcast SSIDs made on conttroller.


Please help me to resolve this problem . I want to work on Scenario 2.


SCENARIO 1,2  picture attached. 





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Re: IAP doesn't become RAP (Urgent)

 in previous question i could not attached Error log,now i attached an error log when trying to convert IAP as RAP in Scenario 1 & 2.Scenario 1,2 attached in previous message to you.         




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Re: IAP doesn't become RAP (Urgent)

why ?? whould you mind to clarify your answer and why when convert from campus to remote by setenv remote_ap 1 through this diagram it work ?!

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